A trip to Kamchatka is
the event that is going to stay in your heart for the rest of your life

Saint Timon mountain shelter
Extraordinary place
with a great vibe
Summer and wintertime
active leisure
Hot and mineral
Isolation and recreation
from a hectic megapolis
Zero Waste
Shelter — 01
A place where harmony lives
Preserved land in the heart of unexplored Kamchatka where renewable energy sources harmoniously coexist with home comfort, modern technologies, eco-friendly materials and wild nature.

Heliski: The best slopes

Freeride across pristine volcano and mountain slopes of Kamchatka. The best time to do heliski is from February to May.

Heliski — 03
Tours — 02

Guided tours across Kamchatka

Use the ready-packed tour or construct your own unique one.

River and deep-sea fishing in Kamchatka

River fishing experience with a helicopter airlift. Deep-sea fishing on the east coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Fishing — 04
About us — 05

Tour operator “Hot earth”

We provide accomodation and leisure in Kamchatka. No intermediaries.

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