Four elements

Fire, water, earth and air.
The entire Kamchatka in 11 days.

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Maximum amount of people:



July - September

Author tour "Four elements" is created to satisfy the most demanding tourists and includes several locations
and activities:

Страхование жизни и здоровья при полете на вертолете;

Лавинный инструктаж перед спусками;

Страхование жизни и здоровья при полете на вертолете;

Страхование жизни и здоровья при полете на вертолете;

helicopter flyby around volcanoes,

boat trips across lakes,

mountain trekking,

a walk across river canyon,

swimming in hot springs,

a visit to the Valley of Geysers,

sea fishing,

sea mammals watching.


11 days program

Experiencing the wild nature of Kamchatka together
with luxury comfort

Day 1

Airport pick-up

Transfer to Vityaz-Aero airport. Flight to Saint Timon shelter

flyby around "home" volcanoes

Accommodation at Saint Timon mountain shelter, acquaintance with guide, program discussion

Optional - walk to and swimming in the wild hot springs

Dinner in the mountain shelter

Day 2


Flight to Hangar lake in the crater of the self-titled volcano

Boat tour

Flight to Ichinsky volcano area (3621 m)


Tent sleepover

Day 3


Ichinsky volcano area trekking. Lunch on the route


Tent sleepover

Day 4


Flight to reindeer herd. Tour to get acquainted with the local traditions

Flight to Esso village

Visit to Evens village, ethnic program


Tent sleepover

Day 5


Flight to Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes area

Flyby around Klyuchevskaya Sopka

Landing and walking in the area of Studyonaya river

Flight to the new lava flow. Landing and a walk nearby

Flyby around cones of the Northern breakthrough

Landing and a walk across the Dead Forest

Flight to Kozyrevsk, refueling. Flight to Tumroki


Overnight stay in Tumroki base

Day 6


Flight to Kronotskoe lake, boat tour

Visit to Valley of Geysers and Uzon caldera

Lunch on the route

Flight to Saint Timon shelter

Flyby around Karymsky and Malyy Semyachik on the way back


Overnight stay at the mountain shelter

Day 7


Trekking to waterfalls. Walk to wild Timon hot springs. Swimming in the hot springs


Free time


Overnight stay at Saint Timon shelter

Day 8


Flight to Vityaz-Aero airport, transfer to the sea port

Boat tour to Russkaya Bay, disembark at cape Kekurny. Sea lions, puffins, orcas and whales watching

Kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding (optional)

Lunch on a boat


Dinner on a boat. Overnight stay

Night sail to Listvennichnaya Bay

Day 9

Morning-time halibut fishing


Trekking to Listvennichnoe lake, fishing

Lunch on the route

Return to the boat


Return to the hotel

Day 10

Extra day (kept if bad weather conditions happen)

Day 11


Transfer to airport

Check-in. Departure


Tour cost

Upon request

Package includes:

all transfers throughout the tour,

flying time of MI-8 MTV throughout the route,

Saint Timon accommodation,

Tumrok base accommodation,

all program tours,

meals along the routes,

guide services,

Kronotsky Reserve fees and tours,

hotel accommodation, Standard room (2 people) + breakfasts,

general equipment rent,

sleeping bags rent.

Package does not include:

tours outside the program,

transfers outside the program,

lunches and dinners in the town and hotel restaurants and cafes,

extra day program,

personal equipment.

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