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About us

Our mission is to follow the laws of the nature and to take the best out of it in Kamchatka while preserving its pristine condition and harmony. Our priority is to provide the customers with the wild nature experience in the safest way possible, balancing between wilderness and civilization comfort.

Kamchatka is a unique region with pristine wild nature. As the number of tourists increases, we are faced with the need of preserving fragile environmental balance that has existed for ages. We have created tourist service that encourages people to respect this land and provides travelling opportunities for all levels of wealth: from tent camping to VIP activities.


We provide accommodation in Saint Timon mountain shelter

Saint Timon eco-style is not only about eco-materials, but also about their recycling and causing the minimum damage to the environment while creating maximum comfort for recreation.

In order to develop eco-tourism in Kamchatka region, "Hot Earth" company has implemented the project of building an eco-hotel nearby Timon hot springs. Saint Timon mountain shelter is aiming at harmonically fitting into the environment while caring about adjoining territory.


We organize tours across Kamchatka

We create unforgettable adventures across the most impressive and hidden places of our beloved Kamchatka. Aggregated experience of our managers totals up to several decades.

People in love with Kamchatka

Certified guides and experienced managers will provide you with safe and fascinating recreation.

Viktor Shvetsov – inspirer and founder of the project

Since early childhood Viktor has been keen on sport, tourism and hunt. Worked as a guide in a sport tourist camp since the age of 14. Has a 9-year experience of working as a mountain rescuer. He is fond of extreme sports: mountain skiing, alpinism and speedflying. He has completed Red Cross first-aid and resuscitation courses.

“When being engrossed in my hobby, I give people the feeling of freedom and safety”.

Valentin Gavrilov – tour guide

Has been living in Kamchatka his whole life. Valentin has a 20-year experience in snowboarding. He has been escorting tourists to heliski rides since 2011. Valentin completes avalanche training annually. Has completed Red Cross first-aid and resuscitation courses. Valentin is a multiple prize-winner of snowboard freeride, big air and parallel slalom championships. Fluent in English.

Louigi Rotie – first guide

OriginAlps co-founder, certified instructor and mountain guide. Has been doing freeride since the age of 18. Has been a participant and multiple winner of championships in France and Switzerland. Peak Performance, Zagskis and Julbo ambassador. Languages spoken: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish.

“Skiing and mountains is a passion which you can share with your friends, family or a group".

Mariya Shvetsova – customer relationship manager

“I am eager to make your dreams about leisure in Kamchatka come true”.

Lyudmila Figura – customer relationship manager

Discovered her passion for alpinism in 1999, got third rank in 2003. Completed a course in alpinism and rock climbing Federation of Kamchatka. Has a profound tourist experience, worked as a tourist guide across Kamchatka. Lyudmila has been organizing heliski and ski tour programs since 2013.

We provide transportation

Vityaz-Aero is our logistics partner. Has its own airport and helicopters.

Experienced pilots are in charge of our aviation
26 seats
Height of 6000 metres
Carrying capacity of 4000 kg
Distance of 590 km
Speed of 240 km/h
General hall for 90 passengers
22-24 seats
Height of 4200 km
Carrying capacity of 3000 kg
Distance of 425 km
Speed of 225 km/h
6 seats
Height of 4000 metres
Carrying capacity of 700 kg

Distance of 270 km
Speed of 240 km/h
Andrey Gorlanov
Vladimir Kovalevskiy
Vasiliy Smelik
Dmitriy Zadirey
Vladimir Pochukalin
13 000 hours
10 000 hours
6 000 hours
13 000 hours
16 000 hours
High-speed Wi-Fi
VIP-hall for 18 passengers
5 helicopters
16 helicopters
2 helicopters

Our partners

Make your leisure safe and comfortable.

Provide our guests with fresh fish and seafood


Equipment that will make you feel comfortable and confident in any conditions


Certified guides and instructors from the French Alps


High-tech equipment for extreme sport






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Entuziastov subdistrict., bld. 1,
Nikolaevka village, Elizovo district,
Kamchatskiy krai, 684032

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Russia's tour operators registry number
RTO 021389


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