Saint Timon
Mountain Shelter

Reserved area in the heart of uncharted Kamchatka where home comfort perfectly coexist with modern technologies, eco-friendly materials, renewable energy and the wild nature.

Comfortable rooms
with free Wi-Fi
Restaurant with
a seasonal menu
2 pools with thermal water, sauna and a pool with cool spring water
Yoga and massage
Personal climate

Wild Territory

Timon Nature Reserve is a unique place with rich history and powerful energy. It covers 105 000 hectares of forest and mountain areas. Kostakan lake, Bakening volcano lakes and Timon hot springs, three representatives of natural heritage, are located here.


Timon Hot Springs

Ecohouse is situated in the picturesque valley of Timon Nature Reserve. Territory is surrounded with rocky spurs of Avachinskiy ridge. Peace of the boundaries is guarded by majestic Bakening volcano and Ganalskiye vostryaki mountain ridge. Kamchatka, Bystraya and Avacha, three main rivers of Kamchatka peninsula, start here.

Hot springs are located between two hills on the river Timonovskaya pad'. This place has been a world tourism hot spot for decades. The springs are well-known due to their salubrity. It has been proved that natural baths cure musculoskeletal system diseases, digestive system diseases, skin diseases and many more.

According to legend, healing water of this area cured one Christian monk named Timon in the 18th century. Once in the winter, Timon got severely sick. Local villagers told him about miraculous hot water which, as the legend says, was heated by some spirits.

Timon was taken to the backwater district on sled dogs and left there alone. The spring came soon and local people suddenly remembered about Timon, so they went to look for him. Nobody even hoped that the old man would recover and manage to survive in the forest on his own. However, Timon not only survived, but also got well and overcame the disease. To consecrate the springs, Timon attached an icon to the birch tree. He was canonized, while the river, the springs and the hills were named after him.


Ecology and comfort

We built a place that harmoniously fit into the natural landscape without disturbing the wilderness of the area. We did our best to live up to ecological standards and we put our love of nature into every detail.

We respect the nature, admire the beauty and comply with its laws. We were considering environment conservation while laying the foundation, setting solar batteries and collectors and establishing waste-free production.

We were considering all your needs while setting the climate control system in each room, creating seasonal restaurant menus and and arranging leisure activities. This is how this place originated, the place where you can find inner peace and harmony.


Active leisure

Heliski, skitour, fishing and hiking

Helicopter tours to the most magnificent places

Thermal and mineral springs for

Private areas for yoga tours, retreating and vipassana



Restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the hotel, designed for 25 people. There panoramic windows inside, two exits to the terrace.

Хели ски на Камчатке
На горных лыжах по вулканам Камчатки
Паудер на Камчатке

European cuisine

If Kamchatka, then it's crab

Kamchatka cuisine

Homemade recipes

Kamchatka is famous for its cuisine. It is worth coming here for fresh seafood and gifts of the earth. I am happy to work in Saint Timon shelter among all that natural splendor.

Vladimir Gorskih – one of the best
chiefs in Moscow
Rooms fund
We would like you to discover what is it like to live in the wild nature and enjoy the comfort. Each room has everything needed to make you feel care and warmth just like at your home.
Minimalistic interior: there is nothing distracting or causing tension. Only natural materials used for decoration: wood and stone. Huge windows create natural lighting.
More products
Suite 3 rooms available
40 000
  • 50 square meters
  • 3rd floor
  • 2 rooms
  • double bed
  • convertible sofa
  • toilet room with a shower cabin
  • hygiene items, slippers, bathrobe
  • balcony with a mountain view additional
  • accommodation for 10 000 rubles
More products
Superior 4 rooms available
25 000
  • 25 square meters
  • 1st or 2nd floor
  • 1 room
  • 2 twin-beds
  • 3 meals a day
  • toilet room with a shower cabin
  • hygiene items, slippers, bathrobe
  • balcony
  • additional accommodation for 6 000 rubles
More products
Standart 4 rooms available
20 000
  • 12 square meters
  • 1st or 2nd floor
  • 2 twin-beds
  • 3 meals a day
  • toilet room with a shower cabin
  • hygiene items, slippers, bathrobe

Transfer to the shelter

We will meet you at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport and drive you to Vityaz-Aero airport

We will meet you at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport with a helicopter and immediately fly to the shelter

In case of non-flying weather we will pay for your stay at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky hotel

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